We create a diverse line of handcrafted accessories for those who like to showcase their unique personality. Do you find yourself too busy to shop for yourself, yet you find the time to always do something nice for others? We have you covered; we specialize in helping you treat yourself! Make a statement without saying a word,
"I Am Enough!"
Are your ears burning? Someone must be talking about you?
What's your story? Access-with-ease Earring Subscription, is a conversation starter. You will receive one pairs of unique, handcrafted earrings each month. It's a surprise, so you will never know what's inside! The items are curated by our fashion artisans, and each package has a retail value of at least $40.00. Practice self-love and keep the accessories, or show the act of kindness by giving it away.
You are Precious!

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Recieve 2-5 hand crafted accessories each month
The True Gem!

Our mission is to encourage and inspire you! Did you know that YOU are enough? Are you ready to feel empowered without making a verbal statement? Let JC Cover Me, LLC help you make a statement with staple accessories, speaking volumes with your presents.We help you decrease time spent shopping for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, theme-based, practical accessories. Know that "It is for you! if every woman wore the same pair of earrings, it would be one of a kind because you are uniquely designed! The fact of the matter is: YOU are the GEM!



Each Week, Change the Fabric of your journey,
Stitch by Stitch.

Introducing Nutty Naturals Earrings, the perfect fusion of nature's beauty and vibrant style! 

by Avis Carter on July 29, 2023

Take a close look in the mirror and know that you are enough! It is...

by Avis Carter on August 01, 2021



Access with Ease Monthly Subscription Service


Sahara Sunset Earrings


Adinkra for 10


Bayuum Boo!


Bee Nice, Honeycomb


Honey, Bee Nice


Zebra Print Earrings -Make it Plain